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RF Hive is a free to play, PVP focussed MMORPG.

Join the hive today and experience the best RF Online has to offer. We have a dedicated team of developers and staff to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Increased rates and carefully customised loot tables means you can get into the action faster whilst still enjoying the nostalgia and sense of accomplishment that the RF community loves so much.

RF Online is a cult classic MMORPG with a huge emphasis on PVP in a way that few other games have managed to replicate. With a large variety of classes, skills and builds to choose from as well as the possibility of being elected for a position of power in your race, RF Online is a game that will keep you coming back for more.


Lead Developer & Owner

Server features

Our server configuration is aimed at balancing the enjoyment of players, maintaining the nostalgic feel of the original game whilst also providing a more modern experience.

Active Development

Our server is completely custom with a bespoke launcher, game cp and gameserver API.

Events and staff

Our server is staffed by experienced players, we will keep the game fun and interesting by engaging with players and running events.


We want to create an environment that is welcoming, fun and competitive for old and new players alike.

No pay to win

We have carefully selected what we sell in the cash shop. We will never offer pay to win upgrades or items.

55 Cap Server

We have chosen level 55 as we feel it offers the best balance between content and balance.

End game balance

As of launch end game gear is based around level 55 C Types. No OP gold items, relics or superior.

Achievable end game

We want people to be endgame viable without years of grind, with our server rates and end game design you will get into the action faster.

Accessible premium

Our server employs premium mode which offers increased rates, this can be purchased entirely through vote points.

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